At Anoison we are committed to the design and manufacture of high quality RF and Microwave components for applications in the datacom/telecom,  automotive, instrumentation (test/measurement and medicine),aerospace and defense markets, Our comprehensive product range includes; RF Connectors, RF Adaptors, RF Cable Assemblies, RF Termination and Hermetically Sealed Connectors.

Custom Confiourations Available on Request

RF Connectors

        QMA          HPQN        2.92mm         7/16

        BNC          MCX          MMCX          N-Type 

        SMA          SMA-RP      SMB            SMP
        TNC          TNC-RP 

RF Adapters

      Between Series

      In Series

      Precision Adapters

      Quick-mate Adatpers 

RF Cable Assemblies

Cable Assembly      Coaxial Cables

      Coaxial Cable Assemblies

      Coaxial Assembly Magic 

RF Terminations

RF Termination      QMA Termination                 BNC Termination

      HPQN Termination                2.92mm Termination

      N-Type Termination              SMA Termination
      SMP Termination                  TNC Termination 

Tools & Accessories

      Hermetically Seal

      Dust Caps

      Torque Wrench