DIN 7/16 Connectors
The 7/16 series name comes from the metric dimensions of the connector interface: 7mm OD of inner contact, 16 mm ID of outer contact.

7/16 connector is designed for use in communications systems with power levels of 100 watts per channel. RF coaxial connectors are themost important element in the cable system. 

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Impedance50 Ω
Frequency RangeDC to 7.5 GHz
VSWR ( straight styles)Straight connector,  .141":  ≤ 1.28(DC~5GHz)
Straight connector,  RG316:  ≤ 1.21(DC~3GHz)
Right angle connector, .141":  ≤ 1.42(DC~5GHz)
Right angle connector,RG316:  ≤ 1.35(DC~3GHz)
Insulation Resistance 10×10³ MΩ min.(initial)
Contact Resistance- Center contact- Outer contact 0.4  max.1.5  max.
RF-leakage (at 1 GHz)-130 min.
Coupling Nut Torque- Recommended- Proof torque 25 Nm~30 Nm / 221~260 in. lbs35 Nm /310 in. lbs
Contact Captivation≥ 200 N/45.0 lbs
Durability ( Mating Cycles)500 min.
Coupling Nut Retention Force≥1000 N /225.0 lbs
Temperature Range -65°C to +165°C
Thermal ShockMIL-STD-202, Method 107, Condition B
VibrationMIL-STD-202, Method 204, Condition D