N-Type Medium Connectors

The type N connector was developed in the 1940's to satisfy the need for a durable, weatherproof, medium-size RF connector with consistent performance through 11 GHz.

The N series connector has been a staple in RF and Microwave applicationsall over the world. It is suited for a wide range of applications from military and aerospace to wireless LAN's. 

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Impedance50 Ω
Frequency RangeDC to 6 GHz
VSWR ( straight styles)Straight connector,  .141":  ≤ 1.29(DC~11Hz)
Straight connector,  RG316:  ≤ 1.21(DC~6GHz)
Right angle connector, .141":  ≤ 1.38(DC~11Hz)
Right angle connector,RG316:  ≤ 1.30(DC~6GHz)
Coupling Nut Torque- Recommended- Proof torque 0.68 Nm~1.13 Nm / 6.0~10.0 in. lbs1.70 Nm /15.0 in. lbs
Contact Captivation≥ 28 N/6.3 lbs
Cable Retention Force- cable 5/50-cable 10.5/50-cable 11/50-cable .141150 N/33.75 lbs (single braid)200 N/48 lbs (double braid)300 N/67.5 lbs400 N/90 lbs270 N/60.75 lbs
Durability500 min.
Temperature Range-55°C to +155°C
Moisture ResistanceMIL-STD-202 F, Method 106 F
VibrationIEC-1169-1 Paragraph9.3.3(10-500 Hz;5g)
Thermal ShockMIL-STD-202, Method 213, Condition I