RF Cable Assemblies

Save yourself time and money by ordering your custom engineered coaxial cable assemblies from Anoison. Anosion cable assemblies include flexible, hand-formable and semi-rigid type cables ranging from 0 to 40GHZ. Cable assemblies can be fitted from our complete line of connectors, ranging from MMCX to 7/16 type, or with a connector from your choice of supplier. Virtually any type and gender of connectors can be accommodated on cables of up to any length.


Choosing Anoison to build your coaxial cable assemblies offers the following advantages:

  • Precisely matched cable and connectors from our own world class connector manufacturing facility.
  • Manufactured in accordance with your requirements to meet your specifications.
  • Reduced stock - no inventorying of cables and connectors.
  • No defects - perfect assemblies every time.

● Flexible Microwave cable Assembliesflexible
● Hand-formable Microwave Cable Assemblies
● Semi-rigid Microwave Cable Assemblies
● High Performance Cable Assemblies